NFT collection: Renaissance Collection by René Mäkelä

Monday, Sep 13 2021

The first NFT collection by artist René Mäkelä, this is a work in which the artist paid tribute to the artist Tupac Shakur with a 3D painting, AR and VR in addition to a collection of wearables inspired by the work for Decentraland.




On September 13, 2021, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Tupac Shakur's death we are releasing Renaissance, the first NFT by artist René Mäkelä.

René Mäkelä is a Spanish artist. His work influences pop culture and street art. He has painted for singer Madonna, model Cara Delevigne, sports stars Cam Newton (NFL), Austin Rivers (NBA), Matt Kemp and Manny Machado (MLB), Antoine Griezmann (LFP) and brands such as Ron Barceló and Porsche. Pope Francis relied on his work for his foundation in 2019.

The launch consisted of three pieces, of which one of the series was intended to be sent to his collectors of physical works.

The NFT consisted of an AR/VR painting, a format that we believe will become a standard as the adoption and penetration of metaverses grows. In addition, an interview with the artist was conducted within the Decentraland metaverse where collectors were able to talk to the artist and ask questions as they saw fit.

8,000€ of sales were achieved with this launch.

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Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
Universidad de Diseño y Tecnología
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